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Attention fans of writing!

Begging for money is not something I like to do. I'd probably never do it to your face. However, I am putting a lot of my work (and more importantly my heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, and assorted other personal things) out here on the web for the enjoyment of any who stumble across it. As such, I ask that you please take a minute and donate something using the button in the right column. The more that is donated, the more I can write and keep delivering constant content. So be a pal, give some dough!

Even better, tell your friends about the site and ask them to give a little, too. And while you're at it, say hi and tell me what you think. There's a contact form on the site, and I always respond to tweets. You readers aren't just the people I ask to give me cash (or, rather, the modern equivalent, as I shun physical money), but also the reason writing is so rewarding. I hope to hear from you and your currency soon!